Dress Code

Beachburg Public School Dress Code

While attending school, participating in school-sponsored functions, or when travelling to and from school-related functions, staff and students of Beachburg Public School are expected to follow these guidelines.

All staff and students attending schools in RCDSB are to present a neat, clean and acceptable appearance according to the regulations.

For safety and health reasons, footwear must be worn at all times. To assist in keeping teaching areas clean, students are requested to have pair of shoes for indoors.

Appropriate gym attire, including running shoes, must be worn during physical education classes  (e.g. no flip flops, sandals, Crocs, etc.).

Everyone should dress appropriately for their age and for the weather conditions.


Clothing that is unacceptable for our school climate may include:

  •  short shorts or skirts
  •  shirts exposing midriff (the bottom of a top must meet the top of a bottom)  
  •  spaghetti straps  
  •  halter tops
  •  outerwear must cover underwear
  •  clothing with inappropriate language
  •  clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, drugs, or violence
  •  hats should not be worn in the school building.

Generally, clothing must not distract from the learning environment of the school and must not offend any staff or student.  Students who are not adhering to the dress code will be required to change into other clothing or will be directed to the principal. 


Gym Wear

  • All students must have indoor running shoes for physical education activities.
  • Some teachers require students to have a t-shirt and shorts for gym. The t-shirt and shoes must meet our dress code guidelines.
  • Gym shoes that are only worn indoors may serve as indoor shoes.
  • Please do not purchase black soled gym shoes that leave marks.

Please note that the student dress code may be subject to change with School Council input.


Cold Weather

Students are expected to go outside during the winter months unless the temperature is below -22C with the wind chill. Please ensure your child dresses warmly.

  • Students should wear a warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves/mittens and boots when it snows.
  • Please send a pair of shoes that can be left at school for indoor wear during the winter months. Students should not wear their outdoor shoes in the classroom during the winter.
  • We recommend sending an extra pair of mittens and socks in case the first pair gets wet.